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Direct Mail & Digital: Unlikely Allies

In today’s marketing world, multi-media integration has the potential to be broader, deeper and more powerful than ever before. Instead of looking for “the next shiny object,” or “the silver bullet” (which don’t exist, by the way), think about how you can build a strong marketing presence by leveraging several media outlets – that have been tested and proven – and making them work together.
The cheese does NOT stand alone
Direct mail and print are integral staples in our Associates’ marketing strategies (because they work!) and integrating

Although direct mail has dipped since 2008, it’s still relevant and it works! What to expect in today’s marketplace: a .25-1% response rate to a prospect list.

these and other initiatives will strengthen the reach and depth of your marketing strategy. Different media have different strengths and weaknesses; woven together, they help one another succeed. Consider the cumulative effect of marketing; instead of looking for one magic solution (still doesn’t exist), and focus on maximizing the mediums you do use.
We’ve found through reporting, that for Associates within the CQ Partners network, direct mail is still the #1 response medium, followed by print (newspaper) at #2. The integration of digital is also important as your next generation of customers turns 65. Paying attention to what is working currently will help you help more of the hearing impaired population now and planning for the future will ensure you can continue to help the younger Boomers. So plan for your marketing strategies to work together – direct mail, print and digital – through targeting your current and future audiences, communicating with them properly and scheduling frequent outreaches with them.
Opening the digital doorway
Your next generation of consumers is the fastest growing segment of online users!

Your current target audience of the 65+ can still be reached by direct mail and print, but if integration is a key component of any strong marketing strategy, where does digital fit in? Because the 55-64 market is the fastest growing segment of online users – and your future target audience – it’s important to allocate funds, plan a strategy and get comfortable with the digital environment. It will be important to target your next wave of consumers with both print (direct mail and newspaper) and digital.
Why? Because with print, it’s a tangible, targetable and easily measurable medium; you can’t accidentally “delete” it. For those customers who have already gone paperless (e.g. bill paying, appointment reminders), they’ll appreciate that you are communicating with them via their preferred medium. By using both mediums, you’ll cover more ground in less time and keep the revenue streaming in consistently.
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