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Your New Video
Content Solution

What if you could easily record short videos to answer the questions patients ask every day? With Vidscrip you can! This tool allows you to create video content and share it through digital channels, like your website. You can also send links directly to your patients’ phones.

CQ Partners’ relationship with Vidscrip brings this innovative platform to the hearing healthcare industry. We’re the only group who provides this new marketing solution to our members.

Why Video Content Matters

It’s no secret that videos have become the most popular choice for content consumption today. As of 2021, an average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos. This makes video content an irreplaceable part of any businesses’ strategy.

Benefits Include:

  • Increased patient and physician referrals
  • Improved SEO for your website
  • Reduced cancelations/no-shows
  • Fewer follow-ups, increasing capacity for revenue generating appointments
  • Increased closure rates and reduced return rates
  • Improved patient satisfaction

See an Audiologist Vidscrip in Action!

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How it Works

  1. Easily Record: We help you record Vidscrips on your own using our Virtual Recording Studio.
  2. Instantly Share: Your patients can access Vidscrips on your website and through links sent to their phones.

Take your content to the next level. Send us a message and start creating your video content!