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CQ Virtual Office allows you to see patients efficiently, cost-effectively, and remotely.

Today’s patient has been trained by other industries to expect more when it comes to their experience with you. Convenience rules the landscape and remote care is rapidly going from a nice-to-have feature to a must-have capability for your practice.

74% of patients would use telehealth services? Do you have a solution for them?

CQ Virtual Office Gives You Access to:

  • Live video consultations
  • Online air test and speech test
  • Instant audiogram
  • Custom delivery of technology content
  • Appointment scheduler integration
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Key Benefits of Remote Care:

  • See patients, even when your office is closed
  • Improve your cost per appointment
  • Free up your schedule for more patients
  • Provide a convenient patient experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I use remote care?

A: The American Hospital Association reports that 74% of patients would use telehealth services. Patients want to take advantage of remote care options and you can be the one to offer it to them. The Virtual Office removes common barriers to care and gives patient a safe and convenient way to connect with you. You can prescreen patients and determine if it’s necessary that they come in for an in-office appointment, which frees up your schedule and makes time for other profitable patients. It is also an option for your patients who may have a hard time making it safely to your office.

Q: Is this a way to sell hearing aids online?

A: The CQ Partners Virtual Office does not provide a solution to fitting hearing aids online. It is still necessary for the patient to come into your office for a fitting. However, the Virtual Office is a way to start the conversation about hearing aids and their benefits.

Q: Is the hearing test accurate?

A: The CQ Partners Virtual Office has been reviewed by audiologists and tested with actual patients. Patient audiograms have been compared to the Virtual Office audiogram with close results. The hearing test is a great tool for pre-screening patients to determine if they should come into the office.

Start offering virtual appointments at your practice. Contact us to get started.

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