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Marketing Plan

Your roadmap
to more patients

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A Personalized Approach

Your dedicated Marketing Account Executive works with you to build your unique marketing plan. We ensure you have strategies in place to reach new, potential, and current patients in all phases of their journey. CQ practices with a marketing plan sell 16 more hearing aid units per month.

Do you have a marketing strategy in place? CQ Partners will help you get started.

The Process

1. Partnering

You will be assigned a specific expert team to help build your marketing plan and set goals for your business.

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Marketing Account Executive
  • In-house designers
  • In-house digital team

2. Planning

Our team will work with you to build a personalized annual marketing plan that meets your unique practice goals.

  • Opportunity analysis
  • Budget allocation
  • Website & digital media assessment
  • Marketing plan & calendar development

3. Execution

Through a combination of media, we will implement your plan to bring more patients through your doors.

  • Database, direct mail, digital, traditional media, and more
  • Professionally developed marketing collateral

4. Reporting

Our ROI reporting will show your results, ensuring complete accountability from your marketing team.

  • Regular ROI analysis
  • Recommendations based on CQ and industry benchmarks
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Do you have a marketing strategy in place? CQ Partners can help you get started.