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Benchmarks & KPIs

Data makes a difference

Good Decisions Come from Accurate Information

Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) are important to your business because they provide an honest measure of your performance and keep your goals at the forefront of decision making. At CQ Partners, we provide you with an annual review of financial and behavioral KPIs, including:

  • Financial stability
  • Year-over-year performance
  • Run rate to forecast for current year
  • No-show rate
  • Third party rate
  • Direct pay rate
  • Aidable loss rate
  • Closure rate
  • Return rate
  • ASP

Tracking both behavioral and financial KPI’s allows us to see where your business may need further development or tracking assistance to ensure future growth. Our Sales Analytics team also provides any financial trends and outlier insights to industry standards. Your Account Manager will meet with you on a regular basis to review your KPIs and execute your plan to improve them.


Do you have a strategy for measuring KPIs at your practice? Get started with CQ Partners!