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Business & Financial Assessment

The first step to achieving your vision

Assessing Your Business

Why It Matters

At CQ Partners, we begin your membership with a business assessment and continue it on an annual basis. This is critical to understanding where your business currently stands and where you would like it to be. Here are some reasons a complete business assessment is necessary to helping you achieve your goals. Together, we can:

  • Fully understand your vision and business philosophy
  • Determine the value of your practice
  • Build a plan for growth or retirement
  • Find new areas of opportunity
  • Set you up with reliable financial strategies now and in the future

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Your Business Insights

In partnership with your Account Manager, our Sales Analytics team will provide the insights needed to set and achieve your business goals. Here are some of the areas we assess.

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Profit and Loss (P&L) Analysis:

We assist with P&L set up, monthly review of financial trends, and analysis of key performance indicators(KPIs).

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Territory Analysis:

Assessment of potential market share, market penetration, competitive landscape, and unit projection of your location(s).

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Pricing Analysis:

We analyze your current pricing, product mix, payor mix, and breakeven point, and can help you create customized service plans and collateral.

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Practice Management Software Analysis:

Get the most out of your practice management software by ensuring accurate tracking reports, patient lists, and QuickBooks integration.

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Exit and Acquisition Plans:

Understand both the current and potential future value of your business – whether you’re working towards a growth plan, an exit strategy, or both.

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Need for Business Loans:

Need funding for growth, acquisition, or expansion? We offer loans and business planning to maximize the return on your investment (ROI).