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Drive Your Team to Peak Performance

From increasing customer satisfaction to enhancing procedural efficiencies, CQ’s Development Programs keep your practice running smoothly, efficiently, and successfully. Our programs are designed to meet the ongoing training and leadership needs of your entire team, including goal setting and execution, skill advancement, and peer networking.

Whether online or in-person, our industry and personnel experts will ensure your entire staff is working as a team—a unit dedicated to superior customer service, maintaining a positive brand image, and supporting practice growth.

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Leadership Development

Specifically geared toward practice owners and decision makers, CQ’s leadership development programs provide an open discussion about the challenges today’s practices face and how to overcome them.

  • Leadership Forums
  • Power Groups
  • 1:1 Meetings with Account Managers
  • Managing Business Activities
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Staff Training

Designed for providers and/or front office staff, our staff training programs facilitate continued training, conveniently and efficiently. The power of our peer network is a driving force behind the success of these meetings.

  • Learning Forums
  • Skill Advancement Workshops
  • Bootcamps
  • Certifications: Fundamentals & Advanced Levels

Meetings & Events

Regular meetings and annual events keep both you and your staff engaged and always working toward your goals. CQ Partners ensures that you have multiple opportunities throughout the year to connect with your peers at regional and national meetings.

  • Regional Meetings
  • Reconnect
  • ENT Summit
  • Pediatric Round Table
  • Not for Profit Round Table
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The only industry event of it’s kind, Reconnect ’22 is designed to engage your entire staff, not just owners and leaders. This event will feature an interactive group activity where you can get to know the communication styles of your colleagues and learn how to work more effectively as a unit.

ENT Summit

Held exclusively for the Otolaryngology-Audiology community, this day-long event is designed to help leaders successfully integrate audiology in their ENT clinic. CQ’s experienced ENT professionals provide proven strategies for maximizing profits and employee engagement, improving patient flow, increasing non-surgical revenue, and more.

Managing Business Activities (MBA)

The Managing Business Activities (MBA) program helps practice leaders examine the current state of their business and develop a strategic plan for achieving greater growth and profitability. These meetings run in late fourth quarter for existing members and as part of the onboarding process for new members.

Registration is now live! Enroll today. Spots are limited.

Power Groups

Held quarterly across the country, these regional meetings provide practice leaders further networking and leadership development opportunities. We share industry insights and proven strategies to help attendees hit their financial targets. Building a community of practice leaders who rely on each other for encouragement, accountability, and support is the primary objective of these gatherings.

Skill Advancement Workshops

Held quarterly, these workshops focus on provider development, including procedural best practices, increasing help rates, and leadership growth.


Focused on one discipline at a time, these trainings are held periodically throughout the year for front office staff, providers, and other specialties such as Practice Development Representatives (PDR), and Patient Communications Specialists.