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Build a profitable and sustainable business

CQ’s Approach to Growth

CQ Partners has an experienced team with comprehensive resources to support you, your staff, and the growth of your practice. Our sales team includes individuals who have real-life experience owning, operating, and growing hearing healthcare practices. 

We have the discipline, knowledge, and tools that can help you reach your business goals—whether that means growing profits, expanding to a new location, training new staff, or moving onto retirement.

Want to see practice growth?

Strategic Planning

Imagine your practice in 5 years. Where do you see yourself? CQ Partners will help you get there! CQ Partners helps your practice reach its full potential by analyzing your business and financial health. Together, we determine your short and long-term goals and work with you to develop a concrete plan to reach them.

Business Development

Need funding? Looking to buy? Looking to sell? We have options whether your practice is looking for growth opportunities, new equipment, new practice acquisition, an exit strategy, or debt consolidation. We offer our own, in-house funding solutions and have a network of trusted partners.

Training & Development

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At CQ Partners, we understand that everyone on your staff makes an important impact on your practice. That’s why we offer training for every member of your team including practice leaders, providers, front office professionals, and specialists.