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How to Make the Most Out of Your Reconnect ’22 Experience

Reconnect '22 Audiology Meetings
With Reconnect ’22 just on the horizon, people are asking: how can each attendee get the most out of the event? There’s plenty of value in just being at Reconnect, but by coming prepared with an idea of what you’re hoping to gain and a post-event plan, you can elevate your experience and put yourself and your practice in the best position to succeed.

What is Reconnect ‘22 and what makes it different from other industry events?

Reconnect ’22 is about bringing our community back together. While some events may just be focused on the practice owners or the providers, this event is designed for the entire team that supports a patient in their hearing healthcare journey. CQ Partners prides itself on giving support and training to allow practices to thrive in a business setting, which is why Reconnect offers course selections for each member of a practice.

Who should attend Reconnect? What types of practices and who on their staff should attend?

Everyone should attend Reconnect! Every person within an audiology or hearing healthcare practice can find value in what Reconnect has to offer. There are even courses specifically for practice leaders and decision makers within ENT clinics.

Practices that invest in bringing their entire staff grow the fastest. Teams will come away not only with better training and learning, but they’ll feel more connected to the practice as a whole. A trip with the entire team is a great way to reward staff members who work hard on a day in, day out basis. Team members will become a closer-knit group and come home more excited than ever to help people hear better.

What should those who are already registered for the event this year expect?

Reconnect ’22 attendees will come away feeling supercharged about their business and excited for the prospect of growth. Even in a tough environment, you’ll take away action items that you’ll want to implement in your business the following Monday.

You’re going to realize what a large community you are part of at Reconnect. You’ll connect with friends and colleagues that you might not have seen for the last couple years, and you’ll get to see all of our manufacturers that are going to be supporting you and you’ll be able to take classes with them. The event will be a lot of fun, too. We’ll be celebrating one another and our industry in an exceptional venue and energizing atmosphere.

What should you do to make the most out of your Reconnect experience?

The most important thing you can do is talk to your Account Manager. Your Account Manager will be able to help you select the most well-rounded curriculum for your position and goals, and will continue to advise you on what you can learn from Reconnect. You’ll also want to take advantage of having our vendor partners present. Make sure you speak with them to learn more about what they’re doing to help you, your business, and your patients.

Challenge your team to engage with the curriculum and bring back the ideas and best practices that they can not only share but implement within the practice.

How should members follow up on what their team learned and what kind of action items should they expect to take away?

After Reconnect, you’re going to have a lot of ideas that you might feel you should be doing already, or you want to do right away. Creating a manageable list, however, will provide the most value to your practice. Make sure that you meet with your entire team and tell them that you want ideas brought to you as the business owner and communicate the ideas that you have for them.

One of the first things to do when you come back from Reconnect is on your one-on-one with your Account Manager, make sure you go through that list with them and then decide how you’re going to put them into action. Create a timeline in which these things are going to get done. Prioritize your ideas and make sure that you’re doing the things that are going to have the greatest impact on your practice.

Reconnect ’22 is set up to better your individual professional development, and your practice. Make your experience even more valuable by fully engaging in all that the event has to offer and collaborating with your team to implement the skills and solutions you’re sure to take home with you.

Have questions or want to learn more about Reconnect ’22? Reach out to us today or visit our Reconnect ’22 page.


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Bill Connerton

Bill Connerton is the National Vice President of Sales at CQ Partners. Bill has been with the company since 2011 and has worked extensively with some of the largest practices in the country. He has developed and lead a team of Account Managers that drive behavior change in practices, including the development of business owners who partner with CQ.