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All The Right Things

Capture, Coordinate, and Maximize

Operational Excellence

CQ Partners works shoulder-to-shoulder with our members to increase opportunities and drive business growth as they focus on helping more people hear well. We help our members achieve their goals by executing on our operating model: All the Right Things (ATRT).

Turn Appointments into Revenue

When successfully supported, implemented, and maintained, the methods outlined by ATRT serve as powerful traffic and revenue generators. ATRT offers our members the tools to help more people, increase revenue, and tap into significant employee growth potential.

ATRT includes continuous, sales-oriented training and easily implementable solutions for:

  • Practice Leaders
  • Directors of Operations
  • Front Office Professionals
  • Hearing Care Providers/Professionals
  • Patient Communication Specialists
  • Practice Development Representatives

The CQ Member Journey

Every CQ member has a unique relationship with their Account Manager. It’s core to CQ Partners’ commitment to be the partner your practice needs.  We contact our most engaged members over 100 times per year – at least 14 times in person, plus virtual discussions with the business leader and/or staff twice a week.  When members engage completely with CQ Partners, the result is the growth of their P&L and the opportunity to help more people hear well again.

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