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Liz Rutkowski

Employee Spotlight: Liz Rutkowski

Employee Spotlight: Liz Rutkowski
For nearly five years, Liz Rutkowski has been helping practices succeed in providing patients with excellent hearing healthcare through her writing. Her desire to break down barriers to care and her natural team-oriented character make Liz an invaluable part of both CQ and the businesses she works with. Learn more about Liz’s integral role as a copywriter and what drives her success in our latest employee spotlight.

Q&A with Liz Rutkowski, Copywriter:

What is your role at CQ Partners?

I’m a copywriter for CQ Partners and I work on creating all the patient facing communications for our members. This includes the copy on our members’ Iris+ custom websites, blogs for member websites, database mailers, all forms of advertisements, posts for members’ social media, and anything else that will be seen by a patient. It’s my job to make sure practices can communicate what they want and what will benefit their business in a way that is receptive to patients.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I’ve been with CQ Partners since I graduated college. I received a bachelor’s degree in English and professional writing as well as a master’s degree in English literature from SUNY Cortland. My professional career has been spent in hearing healthcare, so I’ve been able to gain a lot of knowledge and exposure to the industry along the way.

What is your favorite part of your job?

One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to work with the CQ team. I think we have a really great team with a lot of diversity. There’s a wide variety of life experience and viewpoints that come together nicely. Getting to work with different people on projects, particularly Iris+ websites, is something I always enjoy.

It’s also a great experience every time I get to meet our member practices. I get to understand their individual experiences and learn how different they all are as people. Then I get to work with our graphic designers and our web developers to create something truly unique for them.

What are some of the values that drive your work?

I like being a team player and always being willing to help someone. I know if I need something from someone, I appreciate it if they’re willing to help, so I try to give that back and lend a hand wherever needed. That attitude of teamwork and accountability drives my work ethic.

Tell us about a memorable experience or opportunity you’ve had while working for CQ Partners.

This is fun to think about! One of my most memorable and impactful experiences just happened at Reconnect ’24. I got to meet a member who I wrote a website for, and she was very happy with how the copy turned out. She came up to me at the event, and when I introduced myself as the person who wrote her website, she gave me a hug and became emotional. She told me that the previous company who created her website didn’t understand who she was and didn’t reflect her on the website. The member felt that the copy I had wrote and the website we created for her really captured her essence and accurately represented her and her practice. It was a really nice experience for me to able understand our impact. It’s also very gratifying to know that the work I put in led to a final product that made the member happy.

How do you stay motivated in your work?

Something that motivates me in my work is the knowledge that what we do at CQ Partners really matters and the belief that it makes a difference. Often, working in marketing can feel a little bit heartless. Sometimes you’re just selling a product or service that won’t impact anyone’s life in a meaningful way. The work we do, however, actually helps people to get life changing hearing healthcare services. Even when I’m facing burnout, I can stay motivated by knowing what we’re doing can make a positive difference in someone’s life.

What’s something you love to do outside of work?

Outside of work, you will most likely find me reading or, when the weather permits, outside in nature. My dog, Reagan, and I are always going on walks and hikes. Green Lakes State Park is the best place to go if you’re in the Central New York area. If I’m reading a book, it’s usually a good fiction novel. My latest recommendation is The Unmaking of June Farrow by Adrienne Young.