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Physician Marketing

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Take a Team Approach

Working alongside physicians to address hearing health ensures every patient receives the specialized, high-quality care they deserve. By educating Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) on hearing-related conditions, you are investing in the overall health of your community and securing your position as the number one resource for hearing care!

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Benefits of Physician Marketing

  • Take a team approach to treating patients
  • Increase monthly referrals
  • Improve patient care
  • Spread awareness about hearing loss co-morbidities 

Keys to Successful Physician Marketing

Use Current Patients: Collect the names of patient PCPs upon check-in. Share marketing collateral with these PCPs. 

Visit Targeted Primary Care Physicians: Learn the names of practice managers and front office staff. Bring your collateral and reports to your visits.

Ask for Referrals: Once you’ve built rapport and trust with the gatekeepers and support team, ask for referrals!

Review Progress Each Quarter: Has there been an increase in referrals from targeted physicians? Has there been a direct growth in revenue from physician referrals? 

Does this seem overwhelming? Don’t worry. CQ Partners has you covered. Our team will support you by providing collateral and working with you to strategize.

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