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The Hearing Group: How an Idea Grows into Long-Term SuccessIn an industry where technology is constantly changing, patient preferences demand new... read more Listen 2 Life Hearing Center: Staying Ahead with Training and DevelopmentPutting yourself out there in the hearing industry can be an intimidating feat... read more Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions: What it Means to Lead with CareWhat lies at the core of a great practice? A solid business plan and a goal-oriented team... read more
Lemme Audiology Associates: Celebrating 30 Years of Helping People Hear BetterThroughout major industry changes like third party payers and OTC hearing aids... read more Enhance Audiology: Adapting to Industry ChangesThe hearing healthcare industry has seen it’s fair share of changes over the past few years... read more Best Life Hearing Center: Make the Most Out of Your Marketing in 2023It’s no secret that a good marketing plan leads to better business... read more
Peninsula Hearing: Implementing and Adapting Your Financial PlansThe goals and expectations you set for your practice can change from year to year... read more CQ Awards (Reconnect '22): Meet the Innovator Award NomineesIntroduced in 2022, the CQ Innovator Award is a peer-selected honor given to the person... read more A Better Hearing Center: Engaging Your Team at Reconnect ‘22Many of our CQ Partners members are gearing up for Reconnect ’22! With about a month... read more
Hearing Science of the Foothills: Advice From a Pro: Why Attend Reconnect ’22?Keri Paur attended her first major CQ Partners event 17 years go... read more Audiology Associates: Support for Ukraine - Making the World a Better PlaceEveryone has the ability to make the world a better place. Dr. Peter Marincovich... read more The Hearing Center: Implementing Change in Your PracticeWhen you decide that you need a change, like Joseph Ferrito, Au.D... read more
Solinsky Hearing Center: How This Practice Had Its Best Month EVERRunning an efficient and motivated team is no easy task. Michelle Colburn, Director... read more Birmingham Speech & Hearing Associates: The #1 Way to Reach Quality PatientsIt’s no secret that digital is key to reaching patients in today’s world. However... read more Davis Family Hearing: Maintaining a Caring Practice CultureJoanie Davis of Davis Family Hearing was not a seasoned business expert when she decided... read more
Advanced Hearing & Balance Center: Working Smarter, Not HarderFrom automated scheduling and payments to online reviews and two-way texting, Weave... read more The Center for Audiology: Modeling the Opportunity MindsetThere is a difference in the mindset of owners of practices that are thriving despite... read more Wesson Hearing Aid Center: The Benefits of a Comprehensive Marketing StrategyWesson Hearing Aid Center is effectively reaching and engaging patients wherever... read more
Ideal Hearing Solutions: A Grassroots Gambit to Attract and Retain More PatientWhile the decision to start your own small business is never easy, as Hearing... read more Robert Traynor Audiology, LLC: Lessons from a 40+ year Industry VeteranRobert Traynor has worn many hats throughout his 40+ year career... read more Davis Audiology: Creating a Brighter Future for the Audiology ProfessionDr. Kristin Davis, Au.D. runs three successful practices throughout South Carolina... read more
Abingdon ENT Associates: Where clinical care and salesmanship go hand in handAudiologist and New York native, Martin O’Donnell, Au.D., is early into his career... read more Your Hearing Connection: Finding success early then making sure to sustain itCharlie Brejcha considered and pursued many careers before becoming an audiologist... read more UAMS: Making big plans and taking them one step at a timeToo many businesses fail because they don’t have someone with enough creativity... read more
Drs. John & Janet Miles: Navigating the road to success is always better with a partnerDrs. John and Janet Miles first met in the ’80s when they were working at the same clinic... read more The Hearing Center at Prime Eye Care: Innovation through TeleaudiologyThe hearing healthcare environment is rapidly changing and providers must adapt... read more Cortland Hearing Aids: Database outreach done right makes all the differenceAudiologist and Owner of three independent practices in upstate NY, Suzette Pace, Au.D... read more
Hearing Unlimited: 20+ years of effective leadershipIn 2016, Audiologist and Owner of Hearing Unlimited in Pennsylvania, Chris Eckert... read more