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What if you could increase your revenue with no additional expenses? With CQ Partners, you will!

Only 33% of potential hearing aid candidates are referred to the audiologist.

There is major opportunity to increase your revenue using the resources you already have. Here is what we do to maximize your existing and future growth opportunities.

Identify Your Opportunities: Determine where there are occasions to effectively help patients with hearing aid evaluation and selection.

Endorse the Audiologist: Reinforce the importance of hearing aid evaluations as the next step in the patient’s hearing healthcare journey.

Fit Current Patients: Develop the process for transitioning patients to the audiologist. This puts your practice in the best position to succeed.

Optimize Your Schedule: Facilitate the necessary time for the audiologist to perform hearing aid evaluations and fittings.

How We Make
Growth Happen

CQ Partners has over 25 years of experience working with ENT practices and a track record of proven results. By partnering with us and leveraging our expertise, we’ll help you identify opportunities and utilize the resources you currently have to their fullest potential.

Here’s How:

  • Weekly 1:1s and Annual Strategic Action Plan: Have a weekly meeting along with a plan for developing that growth
  • Tracking and KPIs: We closely examine the way you measure your success. Redefine what good looks like and learn how to maximize your per person productivity
  • Attend meetings and our annual ENT Summit. Learn alongside your peers and professionals who have had great success in building an audiology presence.
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Join the CQ Partners
ENT Summit

June 3, 2022—June 5, 2022

Hotel Valley Ho | Scottsdale AZ

If you are part of an ENT practice, you will not want to miss this premier event dedicated to the Otolaryngology community!

Attendees will learn strategies for:

  • Improving patient flow to help more people
  • Integrating audiology and improving the process
  • Maximizing profits for existing patient load
  • Increasing non-surgical revenue
  • Maximizing employee engagement