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What We Do

CQ Partners works with you to grow your practice. We partner with private practices, ENT clinics, hospitals, universities, and not-for-profits. We do this through:

  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Operations
  • Partners and Programs

Our Story

CQ Partners was established when two long-time leaders in the hearing healthcare industry joined together to offer the most value possible to providers. By working as one, we have learned from each other, combined our strengths, and set a new bar in hearing healthcare. Our team includes experienced audiologists, business owners, practice owners and operators who understand the challenges that our members face and have tested-and-proven solutions to help them.

At CQ Partners, you get the best of both worlds: an innovative company with fresh perspective that also has nearly 5 decades of combined experience. With our collective resources, unique disciplinary knowledge, and accomplished team, we have the solutions that today’s practice needs to thrive.

Your Dedicated Team

We have 15 account managers who provide business development support, professional improvement resources, and more.

We have 7 business analysts who help you measure your progress towards your goals and determine how you can constantly evolve.

Our dedicated recruiters help you achieve your full potential through industry-leading human resources consulting and staffing solution.

Our 19 in-house experts specialize in web development, digital marketing, content creation, marketing planning and execution, and more.

Our 7 training managers offer solutions for audiology and front office staff, operations managers, and other key positions.

CQ Partners has experts in IT, customer management, inside sales, vendor relations, and more to support every aspect of your business.

CQ Partners is made up of over 85 employees with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Every single person in our company has unique skills to offer and we are all dedicated to making your practice vision come to life.