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Engaging Your Team at Reconnect ‘22

Many of our CQ Partners members are gearing up for Reconnect ’22! With about a month to go until this year’s big event, we are all excited to engage, learn, and grow together. Jim Stobaugh of A Better Hearing Center has set high goals for his team in 2022. We sat down with him and asked why attending Reconnect is such an important focus for his team this year.

“Our team is comprised of a great group of individuals that share a common goal. So if we work as individuals and not as a team, I think we’ve lost half the battle. Reconnect can help us unite our purpose.”
Jim Stobaugh

Q&A with Jim Stobaugh, Practice Leader of A Better Hearing Center

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Practice: A Better Hearing Center
Locations in: Colorado
Number of locations: 7

1What has been a focus for your team in 2022?
In the fall of 2021, we started our plan for this year. We set goals related to location expansion, sales, practice improvements, and marketing. All of this was aimed at improving the patient experience and helping people hear better. We have accomplished a lot of our goals and are still working on others. Our team is committed to our vision, and I’m proud to say we’ve worked hard and are having a lot of fun at the same time. We are very excited about where our vision has taken us.
2What areas has your staff been developing this year?
We have seen the abilities of our staff improved in the areas of patient outreach and creating opportunities for the company in non-traditional ways. We have seen our staff be able to engage more vividly and brightly in conversations with patients. They are very confident about what they do, and this excitement means a lot to our patients.
3What are you looking forward to most at Reconnect ’22?
I’m looking forward to Reconnect ‘22 because it gives us an opportunity to share positive educational opportunities. We will get to reconnect with colleagues throughout the industry. Our teams will share our common goals and aspirations in a unique venue where we can get to know one another better.
4What makes you excited for Reconnect versus other industry events?
Personally, I’ve been to several conferences in the decades of being in this industry. Honestly, some have left me empty or lacking inspiration. I will say this… If my positive experience with CQ Partners over the last several years is any indication of what we might be experiencing at the Reconnect, I am certainly looking forward to the opportunity. I’m sure I won’t leave disappointed!
5Why do you think it’s important to get your whole team involved for events like these?
I believe that the entire staff will find inspiration at Reconnect because the courses offered are not just every day, run-of-the-mill courses. The courses at Reconnect present educational opportunities specifically for every staff members’ specific needs and role. If they are lacking confidence in a certain area, these courses can speak to that and give them the tools they need to become better employees.

The way I look at it is our team is comprised of a great group of individuals that share a common goal. So if we work as individuals and not as a team, I think we’ve lost half the battle. Reconnect can help us unite our purpose.
6What are you hoping your team takes away from Reconnect?
I want my team to ask themselves what they want to accomplish. What do what do they want to see at our practice? How do they see their lives improving as we move forward to 2023? I’m hoping that we all learn a better way to do the jobs that we love. I know that we all have room for improvement, no matter what level we work at within the company. I’m envisioning Reconnect ‘22 to be a group of colleagues that can inspire each other to be better and help more people hear.