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CQ Partners Awards 2022

Our CQ Innovator Nominees

Introduced in 2022, the CQ Innovator Award is a peer-selected honor given to the person or people who have shown their leadership within their community and the hearing healthcare industry. They’ve pushed the limits on industry standards and have made changes for the better. The winner of the 2022 CQ Innovator Award will be announced at Reconnect ’22 on Saturday, October 15.

It its inaugural year, CQ Partners nominated leaders from four incredible practices. These nominees have been recognized as pioneers who are shaping the future of audiology.

Meet our 2022 nominees and see what they had to say about making waves in the industry:

Kimberly Bonney Joanie Davis Ronna Fisher Victoria Kopec Toni Zanetti
1Dr. Kim Bonney, owner of Gold Country Hearing
Dr. Kim Bonney is not someone who is afraid of failure and is determined to be a positive light within the hearing healthcare industry. Kim has used her can-do attitude to evolve her practice, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, to continue offering the most value to patients and has found new ways to let them know about it.

“I learned a long time ago when I very first got into private practice, that if I was going to let fear take over, I couldn’t run a successful business,” she says. “You just can’t pay any attention to the noise if you want to stay relevant. You need to take action instead of letting things just happen to you.”
2Dr. Joanie Davis, owner of Davis Family Hearing
Dr. Joanie Davis knows the importance of having a voice in the industry and has used hers to transform her practice with innovative solutions. Joanie advocates for the value of the hearing healthcare profession and uses a fearless mindset to promote progress within the industry.

“Don’t undervalue yourself,” she says. “Hearing care providers are extremely valuable people and it’s hard for the general public and certainly legislators to understand this value. If our industry keeps doing things the old way, we are going to get gobbled up as a profession. I am one of those people that feels very strongly that the hearing healthcare profession needs to unite as a whole and take big leaps because our patients need us to.”
3Dr. Ronna Fisher, owner of Hearing Health Center
Dr. Ronna Fisher has proven to be a force within the industry and has adapted her practice throughout the years to be able to help as many people as possible. Ronna is an early adopter, and isn’t afraid to lead her practice through change, which has set her apart and has made her practice successful.

“Providers need to try new things,” she says, “You never know what is going to work. You have to differentiate, make yourself stand out, and let your patients know when you have something that will make their lives better.”
4Dr. Victoria Kopec & Dr. Toni Zanetti, co-owners of Ear Works Audiology
Co-founders of Ear Works Audiology, Dr. Victoria Kopec and Dr. Toni Zanetti, have committed themselves to strong leadership throughout a changing industry. They have grown their practice in the face of difficulty and have figured out how to continually show patients the value of hearing healthcare.

“If you are afraid to make a change I firmly believe your business will never be able to grow or be successful,” says Victoria. “In order to achieve the growth and success we have had over the past two decades, we have changed almost everything from policy and procedures to staff responsibilities and most important our mindset. Change is necessary for growth and success.”