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Wesson Hearing Aid Center

The Benefits of a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Whether they’re online or out in the community, driving down the highway or reading the local paper, checking their email or physical mailbox, Wesson Hearing Aid Center is effectively reaching and engaging patients wherever they are. How do they do it? With a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing strategy, of course. Wesson has four locations throughout central California and dominates its local markets by embracing both digital and traditional channels, prioritizing database outreach, regularly tracking its marketing ROI, and taking risks now and then. Owner and Hearing Instrument Specialist, Julia Tyner talked with us about the practice’s most effective marketing initiatives, including her early impression of CQ Partners’ exclusive new video marketing solution, and the benefits of having a partner you can trust to help execute your marketing plan.

“Don’t be afraid to try new things. Keep an open mind when it comes to what CQ is telling you because it’s easy to get stuck in your old ways.”
Julia Tyner, HIS

Q&A with Julia Tyner, Hearing Instrument Specialist & Owner:

Practice Location(s): San Joaquin & Stanislaus Counties, CA
Number of locations: 4
Number of employees: 8
Years in business: Since 1979
Website: www.wessonhearing.com

1What are some of your most effective marketing initiatives and/or campaigns?
We’ve seen great results with consistent direct mail with multiple vendors utilizing call tracking and the recall function in our Blueprint practice management system to ensure all opportunities are captured. My team does a weekly call with CQ to review results, ensure the schedule is filled, and make sure the marketing is properly tracked. We also get a lot of new patients from our current patients and community outreach. Our happy patients are great about referring their friends and family and writing us positive online reviews. We used to do more outreach with senior living facilities in our community and hope to get back to that in 2022.
2Tell us a little about the digital billboard marketing you’ve been doing and how it’s been going.
It’s still new and has only been up for two weeks so it’s too soon to have data. But we have done some geofencing and the early results look good. We placed it right outside of Costco and the messaging has been: ‘Hear for the Holidays. Don’t trust your hearing to a warehouse.’
3You also recently signed up for Vidscrip. What made you decide to incorporate video marketing into your strategy and what’s your impression of Vidscrip thus far?
It’s something that sets us apart. It’s unique and I know my competitors aren’t doing it. So far, my experience has been very positive. I’ve only recorded the first video series on improving the effectiveness of the HAE which consisted of five video clips for new patients. It’s extremely easy to use. I was prepared to do my recording so that it went smoothly. My staff enrolls new patients once per day. They feel it’s easy as well. And patients seem to really like it. They’re finding the videos helpful and seem to be more comfortable with me after watching them.
4What would you say to an Associate who isn’t taking advantage of CQ’s marketing services and programs?
Definitely give it a try. Even if you have someone handling your marketing for you, it’s nice to have a specialist to rely on. CQ Partners’ marketing team has been super helpful with customizing collateral and making sure everything looks good.
5Specifically, how does the CQ Digital Program make your job easier?
It’s nice that I don’t have to manage the different areas of my digital marketing—website, online reviews, etc.—separately. It’s all taken care of.
6What’s one key piece of marketing advice you’d give to other practice owners?
Don’t be afraid to try new things. Keep an open mind when it comes to what CQ Partners is telling you because it’s easy to get stuck in your old ways.