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How often are you speaking to your database?

One of the challenges that our Associates face regularly is finding ways to bring leads in the door. Many practices focus on outbound marketing tactics like direct mail, advertising and events, which are all crucial components to marketing plans, but there are goldmines practices are sitting on that may not be fully utilized — their databases!

Database Marketing

In our recent marketing ROI analysis, we identified that database marketing:

  • Received the highest conversion from calls to appointments — 93%.
  • Had the lowest cost-per-unit sold — $261.
  • Generated the highest ROI — 103%.

When you see results like this, is there really a question as to whether to incorporate database marketing into your overall marketing strategy?
We see all individuals in your database as leads that fall into one of two groups:

Visited Leads

These are individuals who have been in the office. If a practice staff engages its database, they are likely focusing on this group, which includes:

  • TNS (Tested not sold)
  • TNC (Tested not a candidate)
  • Repair
  • Recently purchased
  • Purchased in the past 1–2 years
  • Purchased 3+ years ago/OOW (Out of warranty)

Many Associates will market to the TNS and OOW patients, but there are so many other audiences that you should reach. No matter if your patient purchased devices or just needed a repair, constant engagement will keep you top-of-mind and help avoid them going elsewhere in the future.

Invited Leads

These are individuals who haven’t been in the office, but had some level of engagement with the practice. Although they never committed to an appointment, these leads are typically a result of your outbound marketing efforts, which include:

  • Digital marketing
  • Patient referrals
  • Physician referrals
  • Community outreach
  • Cancel/No show
  • New patients

You may not be capturing these contacts in your database, but it is imperative that you do! You already invested your marketing dollars to have patients reach out to you, so why not go the extra mile to maintain the relationship in hopes they will eventually come into the office?

Now that you realize the importance of your database, you may be asking yourself how you can fully take advantage of it? Stress not — CQ Partners makes the process simple and will provide you will all the steps and tools to get your database marketing rolling. As a starting point, request the free database communication grid. CQ associates also have access to a variety of free marketing materials as well as a telemarketing service available for contract through our partnership with CQ Partners.