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Reconnect 24 Keynote Address

Introducing Reconnect ’24 Keynote Address: Nicole Malachowski

Reconnect 24 Keynote Nicole Malachowski
Reconnect ’24 is a hearing healthcare event unlike any other. Attendees will experience impactful learning opportunities from top industry professionals, effective team-building events, and unforgettable entertainment. When you attend Reconnect ’24, your entire team will attend an inspiring keynote address given by world-renowned speaker, Nicole Malachowski.

Here is what you need to know about the Reconnect ’24 keynote address:

Who is Nicole Malachowski?

Colonel Nicole Malachowski is a combat veteran with an impressive resume as a member of the United States Air Force. Malachowski was among the first group of women selected to fly fighter aircraft and after serving in several United States Military operation, she flew as the first woman Thunderbird. She has served as a Fighter Squadron commander, as well as a White House advisor. She is a wife and mother of two children. Nicole Malachowski is a strong female mentor who shows people what it means to break barriers.

What is the significance of Nicole’s story and why will it resonate with attendees?

Malachowski’s unique story will resonate with Reconnect attendees because it is a story of achievement, resilience, and perseverance when things get tough. Her career and the success she’s been able to foster for herself will captivate you, and her experience overcoming adversity, stereotypes, major changes, and even chronic illness will inspire you. You’ll be able to connect with her in the pivots that she’s made throughout her life to reach her goals.

One important component to Malachowski’s story is the wingman contract. This contract is a promise to uphold behavioral standards among your team and act in a way to support your collective mission. The core values of this contract are applicable to how CQ Partners and our members’ practices operate. We emphasize the importance of respect for one another, and the idea that each part of the business supports the whole. If the end goal is to help more people hear better, whatever we do will support that. For example, if we provided a marketing service, we understand that marketing is only one piece of the business. We also help you with recruiting the right people, analyzing your business and more, because everything works together to attain your vision.

How does CQ Partners select the keynote speaker for Reconnect?

The process for choosing a keynote speaker for Reconnect starts with a committee. This committee is chosen to represent all different areas of the business at CQ Partners, so we have a variety of opinions and ideas to consider. Having different areas of the business contributing also ensures that our members are considered from all different angles. After the committee is assembled, each person is tasked with doing extensive research, obtaining referrals, and collecting names. It’s important for us to reach out to other industries as well to get recommendations on truly impactful speakers. From there, the choices are narrowed down to five. The committee then looks deeper into the five potential options and listens to previous presentations. After that round, the committee narrows things down again to a final three, and eventually the top candidate is chosen.

This year, the committee decided on Nicole Malachowski very quickly. She came as a recommendation from multiple people, and once the team learned more about her story, the decision became unanimous. Her story of resiliency and her overall message is one that members will find relatable and empowering.

What makes the speaking events at Reconnect one-of-a-kind opportunities?

The speaking events at Reconnect are one-of-a-kind opportunities because they are chosen and planned for with the utmost care and consideration for the needs of the attendees. CQ Partners aims for the keynote speaker to be not only motivational, but it needs to be relatable and applicable to where there are right now. Attendees should feel the speaking event is not only relatable to their business, but to their lives as well. For CQ Partners, it’s not about getting a famous name to draw a crowd. It’s about having somebody that brings an impactful message to members and help them in their day-to-day life.

Reconnect ’24 will leave you and your team with brand new skills, a renewed focus on leadership and growth, and it will ignite your drive to be the best you can be. Experience the power of Nicole Malachowski in person at Reconnect ’24. Register today!


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Sara Francks, SVP, Operations

Sara Francks is a proud graduate of Brigham Young University with a BS in Sociology. She has been in the hearing healthcare industry since 2006 where, as a Senior Operations Manager for Sonic Innovations, she played a major role in creating the HearingLife Retail Division and helping to integrate HearingLife into The Demant Group. Sara’s breadth of experience spans operations, sales, and marketing. Prior to her move to CQ Partners in 2020, Sara was the Senior Director of Acquisitions & Support Services and Senior Director of Change Management for HearingLife. She is passionate about process improvement, change management, and business and leadership development. At CQ Partners, Sara leads operations, customer management, human resources and recruiting, vendor relations, and sales analytics.