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CQ Partners ENT Summit

A Premier Event Dedicated to the Otolaryngology Community

June 3 - 5, 2022 | Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale AZ


ENT Summit is designed to help leaders integrate audiology into their ENT clinic. This event is an excellent opportunity to network with and learn from your high achieving peers from across the country.

Our ENT-focused professionals will share proven strategies for:

Summit ENT event

Attendees are eligible to receive 0.6 CEUs and promos from several manufacturers are available to help pay your way.

ENT Summit Agenda

Friday, June 3 

  • 6:00PM – Welcome Dinner and Summit Kickoff

Saturday, June 4

  • 8:00AM – Breakfast
  • Morning
    – Welcome and Industry Updates
    – Peer Panel Discussion
  • 11:00AM – Meet and Learn with Industry Exhibitors and Lunch
  • Afternoon
    – Practical Exercise: Do you know “how much” you should be doing each month?
    – Telehealth
    – Strategic Plan Exercise
  • 4:45PM – Vendor Visits
  • 5:30PM – Dinner

Sunday, June 5

  • 9:00AM – Wrap-up Breakfast
  • Morning
    – Experiences: register for spa treatment or golf

Featured Speaker:

Dr. Jeffrey S. Weingarten, M.D.

Dr. Jeffrey S. Weingarten, M.D., an otolaryngologist and President of Ear, Nose and Throat Consultants, will speak about the Hearing Portal. The Hearing Portal is a single focus Telemedicine Portal that facilitates a real-time connection between the hearing aid provider and an independent otolaryngologist. 

Benefits of the Hearing Portal include:

  1. Real-time medical clearance for patients
  2. Numerous brief E&M level 4 telemedicine visits for physicians
  3. Improved community health

Dr. Jeffrey S. Weingarten, MD is a private practice otolaryngologist in the Detroit Metropolitan area. His ENT practice has 7 providers, 4 offices, 11 audiologists and 8 CPOPs (Ototechs). He is a strong advocate for patients and hearing.

Industry Exhibitors and Sponsors

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