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The Joys of an Employee Leaving

It’s that dreaded day when an employee hands you a resignation letter informing you they have decided to leave your practice, or worse yet, you need to let go an underperforming employee. Whether you are devastated or feel it is a blessing in disguise, you are sure to feel frustrated and overwhelmed with having to embark on the hiring process yet again.
As cumbersome as this process can be, the last thing you want to do is just hire anyone. Since your staff members are an integral part of your business success, you need personnel to align with your business goals and objectives. It may seem easier as a short-term solution to hire someone (a friend or family member) who is just an ‘okay’ fit. However, to accomplish your long-term goals, you need to find someone who is not only qualified for the position but a dedicated candidate who is going to help your business grow.
So how do you find your next best employee?
Here are some tips on how to navigate the hiring process and finding the right talent:

  1. Create a Job Description
    • Develop a job description that outlines the responsibilities of the position, as well as any skill or work experience requirements. Make sure to explain the benefits and opportunities for growth to motivate candidates and to stand out from your competitor

2. Develop a Salary Analysis

    • Determine a compensation package by developing a salary analysis for the position you are looking to fill. Review comparable positions in local job listings for salary wages or reach out to local organizations such as your chamber of commerce or employment bureaus for advice on salary and benefits.

3. Set a Realistic Timeline

    • Don’t rush to hire someone just to fill the position. You want to take the time to find the right candidate that is not only qualified but is going to meet your needs on a personal and professional level. If you are feeling pressure to find someone fast, spread the work load out among existing employees or consider hiring a temp to help out until you find the appropriate hire.

4. Promote the Job Position

    • Advertise the job posting in your local newspaper, online job boards or other social media outlets such as LinkedIn. Networking is also an alternative to finding great talent. Spread the word to your professional and trade connections and/or to your present employees and patients.


You need to find someone who is not only qualified for the position but a dedicated candidate who is going to help your business grow.

5. Select the Right Candidate

    • After reviewing the pool of resumes, narrow the list down to the top five applicants that fulfill your job requirements and are the most qualified for the position. Bring these candidates in for 2-3 interviews (phone, in-person and/or working) to ensure they are a perfect fit. To avoid any hiring mistakes, check professional references and run background checks before you send out an offer letter.

Having a strong and streamlined hiring process is crucial for attracting and retaining top quality employees. By following these guidelines it will help you best match the right people to the right position.
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