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10 Questions to Ask Your Website Provider

Your website is your virtual practice and, today, most often your patients’ first impression of your brand and practice. Nearly 90 percent of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase, which includes visiting a business’s website.* That’s why choosing the right digital partner is vital to your practice’s overall success. It’s important that you …

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SERP, Meta Data, SEM, CTR…what does it all mean?

You went to school to be a top-notch hearing healthcare provider, not a top-notch marketing executive, right? Reaching your customers, however, requires you to engage digital marketing and the language that goes along with it. Don’t stress yourself if you don’t know your site impressions from your unique visitors, or your bounce rate from your …

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Automate Your Marketing

What if there was something you could do to make marketing for your business easier? Marketing planning and implementation doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. There are ways to make it easy, through planning, organization, reporting and partnerships with marketing professionals. Just as there are different professionals who work on homes – contractors, electricians, …

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More of: Do This, Not That (Part 2)

Want to know more of what not to do with your online presence? Here’s the remainder of our list of 10 do’s and 10 don’ts to keep your online activities on the right track in 2013. Don’t: Hide your contact information away in an obscure spot or buried page. Do: Present your contact information (address, …

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Direct Mail & Digital: Unlikely Allies

In today’s marketing world, multi-media integration has the potential to be broader, deeper and more powerful than ever before. Instead of looking for “the next shiny object,” or “the silver bullet” (which don’t exist, by the way), think about how you can build a strong marketing presence by leveraging several media outlets – that have …

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Intro to Digital Marketing

CQ Partners’ recommended digital marketing strategy is centered on the development of highly relevant and flexible websites built upon a Content Management System (CMS) platform. CMS websites allow the user (Associate) to make routine changes or updates to their own website (e.g.: store hours, employee bios, headshots, newsletters, blog posts, etc.) These sites are rooted …

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