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Not Your Average Techie

By now, you probably have a pretty good idea of your current target audience’s preferences, characteristics and what makes them tick. But what about the next generation of customers?
Your upcoming target audience – the Baby Boomers – is different from the current 65+ market. The defining attitude and lifestyle of the Boomer population (broadly defined as consumers age 50+) is a new one. What makes them unique? One big differentiator is that these consumers are already more tech savvy than your current target audience. From smart phones to mp3 players, to tablets and more, this generation of parents and grandparents is the hippest yet.
From a marketing perspective, they present a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for practices. Understanding how to appeal to this target market now will help you define your communication strategy for the near future. Moving forward, your multi-media marketing strategy will need to have a strong digital component, in conjunction with the more traditional avenues, in order to appeal to the Boomer market.
According to a study from Psychology Today, “Boomers will be a driving force behind the use of information technology in the next decade, particularly in the health care industry.” From a technology standpoint, the hearing industry is already ahead of the curve in appealing to the Boomer lifestyle. Products are currently on the market integrating Bluetooth compatible devices, streamers and tiny, “discreet” instruments. This wasn’t an accident – understanding the desires of the next generation of customers brought these products to market.
It’s important to understand how to reach this target audience with annual spending power of over $1 trillion. Adding a digital component to your marketing plan will enhance the more traditional initiatives (direct mail, print, telemarketing, etc.) and help you corner a bigger piece of the market.
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