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Better Hearing Speech Month 2023

How You Can Make the Most of Better Hearing and Speech Month

Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month
Each year, Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) presents a unique opportunity for hearing healthcare professionals to advocate for the importance of hearing health and showcase what they do best – help people hear better. This year, prepare to take advantage of this event with the help of CQ Partners.

Follow these tips to make the most of Better Hearing and Speech Month 2023:

Know the Purpose of Better Hearing and Speech Month

Better Hearing and Speech Month is an annual observance held in May, which provides an opportunity for the hearing healthcare community to raise awareness both about communication disorders and hearing health as a whole. This awareness campaign was founded in 1927 by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Embrace this Year’s BHSM Theme

This year’s theme for BHSM is “Building a Strong Foundation.” Building a strong foundation is important in any situation. You need to have the right tools and the right materials to do any job. Your ability to communicate is a foundation for maintaining a good quality of life. Creating a strong foundation of trust is something that’s particularly important for CQ. It’s important for our members and for their patients. Our team provides the tools that members need so they can build a strong foundation within their business and help as many people as they can with hearing healthcare.

Empower Yourself and Others to Participate

Participation in BHSM helps people to find the courage to seek treatment for their hearing loss. Awareness strengthens a community. When patients share their own hearing healthcare journey, they break down some barriers for other people. It inspires others to jump start their hearing healthcare journey.

Utilize Your CQ Partners Monthly Marketing Package

Each month, CQ Partners offers a monthly marketing package that includes a variety of ready-to-use and ready-to-customize collateral for our members. For May, we spotlight Better Hearing and Speech Month. We’ll include a handout, copy for an editorial or an e-mail, ready-to-post social media graphics, a patient database letter, and a physician outreach letter. We’ll also provide a flex graphic, which members can showcase on their Healthy Hearing Premier Profile. We give these materials to practices in the beginning of April, so for anyone wanting to utilize the material for May, it’s important that you make it a part of your marketing plan if you haven’t done so already.

Use BHSM to Schedule More Appointments

There are a lot of people experiencing hearing loss (approximately 48 million people in the United States) but they’re unsure where to turn. There is a lot of misinformation, and a general lack of information surrounding hearing loss. We have to do our best to support that journey and lead people to get the help they need. BHSM is a great opportunity to motivate people to get their hearing tested and see what technology may be available to help them. Practices can also use BHSM collateral to educate both current and potential patients on the importance of hearing healthcare and really encourage them to share that information with their community.

Work With Your CQ Account Executive

The Account Executive team at CQ Partners works closely with the Account Managers and with our members to plan out member marketing for the year and to execute that plan.

Sometimes collateral needs to be done on a responsive basis, but things like Better Hearing and Speech Month can be planned out in advance. We have a clear and comprehensive view on how to reach those patients and use more than one medium. Sending out a patient database letter is a great strategy. Our database program then supports that letter with outreach phone calls behind it. Having a strong website is important to coincide with any collateral that you put out. We know that most patients are going to a website to look for information, so you have to have a strong digital presence, which is supported by your Account Executive team.

Not only can marketing for BHSM get more patients in the door, but you can raise awareness about hearing health and open crucial conversations about hearing loss in your community. With the right preparation and support, you can make this year’s Better Hearing and Speech Month your most successful ever.

Helping you market your practice’s commitment to excellent hearing healthcare is a priority for CQ Partners every day.  Learn more about our solutions to drive more patients to your practice.


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Vikki Edmond

Vikki Edmond joined CQ Partners in 2021 and currently serves as a Marketing Account Executive. Vikki earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from West Chester University and completed graduate coursework in Digital Communications and Advertising at the Newhouse School for Communications at Syracuse University. Her background is in healthcare marketing and public relations. When she’s not dreaming up marketing plans or coordinating calendars, Vikki enjoys spending time with her family, yoga, and lounging in the sun.