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Event Marketing: preparing for success

“It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” – Mark Twain

In the Audiology industry [and many others], we find ourselves working harder to reach our target audience frequently, consistently and across multiple platforms. From direct marketing to print to digital and social media, all of these tactics work together to promote your business and reach your target audiences. But what about actually being face-to-face with your prospective patients? Is that type of marketing still relevant today? The answer is yes! Consider integrating seminars, lunch & learns, speaking engagements, health fairs and/or events into your marketing plan and let your prospects put a face to a name.
It’s always important to have a well-defined strategy for any marketing initiative, and ‘event’ marketing is no different. In reference to the quote above, ‘prepare’ is the operative word; for your events to be fruitful, much preparation and planning needs occur prior to any program.
Below is a ‘best practices’ strategy to obtain the most referrals from your event related marketing.
Promote the event:

  • Prior to the event, be sure to promote to your database and/or a prospect list.
  • Consider sending out letters, invitations or postcards
  • Have your telemarketer call and invite patients from a target list

At the event, be sure to provide:

  • Business cards
  • Brochures/Flyers
  • Articles and/or other educational material
  • Giveaways: from vendors and/or with your brand [logo, contact info, etc.]
  • Refreshments [optional]: if providing food and drink, be sure to serve it after the presentation.

Engage with attendees and capture their contact information. Some ideas:

  • Work the room with a clip board and have prospects sign in with name and phone numbers
  • Ask attendees to complete a questionnaire and capture contact information
  • Have attendees enter a drawing to capture contact information
  • Add contacts to your database and nurture these leads
It’s important to have a well-defined strategy for any marketing initiative, and ‘event’ marketing is no different.
  • If you work within an online system, have an iPad, tablet or laptop available to access your scheduling system
  • To book appointments manually, have your block schedule available to schedule appointments on site
  • Have appointment cards handy to fill it out for the prospective patient

Speech/Presentation preparation:

  • If a speech or presentation will be given by a practice owner or a provider, be sure there is ample preparation for the presentation.
  • If a Director of Operations or Practice Development Representative can help develop the presentation, this will help the practicing Doctor of Audiology prepare for the event.
  • If presenting along with a manufacturer partner, carve out some time before the presentation to practice or get comfortable with their style – you want the presentation to appear smooth and natural.

Leaving no stone unturned, participating in ‘event’ marketing along with your other direct response marketing will help solidify your practice as an industry leader in your community, build brand recognition, provide hearing healthcare education and obtain opportunities. It’s also a cost-effective way to promote your practice in your region!
For more information on integrating event marketing into your business and marketing plans, send an email to associateservices@cq-partners.com, or call Matt Bailey, Associate Services Manager at 800.984.3272.

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