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Don’t Just Operate a Practice, Operate a Community Practice

community involvement
Community involvement can help your business and contribute to its growth and success. People show loyalty to businesses that are actively involved in the community. Having a practice that is recognized for caring about its community sets your practice apart from the competition!
If you aren’t already involved in your local community, consider these ideas for ways to get started:
Community Events
Sponsoring a community event is one way to get involved, but you can also participate in events. Interactions with people who need to learn about hearing healthcare as a part of their overall wellness (along with their family members) helps establish your presence in the area. It’s also a fun way to get involved and meet people!

  • Festivals, Fairs and Shows: Many festivals, fairs, and shows have opportunities for local businesses to set up booths to promote their businesses and engage with attendees. Think creatively and don’t limit yourself to the obvious ones. A home show, dog show, or hobby event may provide you with a sizable audience and considerably less competition than a health fair. Look into setting up a table with information on your practice and hearing loss. Bring along literature about the importance of hearing to overall wellness, hearing loss and your practice. Remember to bring giveaways with your logo to distribute!


  • Hospitals: Hospitals often hold various health-related events throughout the year that your practice can participate in. There may also be specific events geared towards hearing during Better Hearing Month in May or National Audiologist Awareness Month in October.
  • Malls: Check with your local mall for any relevant events open to local businesses. Many malls also have Mall Walker programs, which primarily consist of baby boomers and senior citizens. Ask the mall management about any opportunities to get involved with the group to promote your practice.
  • Retirement Communities: Reach out to local retirement communities. Many have various levels of living where you can target Independent Living, Personal Care or Skilled Care residents. Look into offering a free hearing screening on the campus or host Lunch and Learn sessions.

Networking groups are great because they encourage members to refer business to one another. Look for groups to join in your area; your local chamber of commerce, hospitals or professional organizations are good places to start.
A sponsorship is a great way to get your business recognized in the community. Neighborhood youth and adult sports leagues are always looking for sponsors. Chances are your target audience has grandchildren or other family members who participate in local organizations. Association with a team or group will not only create brand recognition, but may also create a personal connection.
Does your community host local events or a concert series at a local park? These are additional sponsorship opportunities to get your name out there to numerous attendees. Think of all the concert-goers who might have trouble hearing and can’t fully enjoy the show. Seeing your practice name on a banner or program might help give them the nudge they need to get their hearing checked.
Get Your Staff Involved
Find out what your employees are passionate about. Is there a cause that is near and dear to them that you can get involved with? Perhaps they are already involved in local community events or have a child on a sports team or group that has sponsorship opportunities so you have a connection to get started with those events or groups. Get together and volunteer for a local cause. Not only will it recognize your business as one who cares about their community, but it is also a great team building activity for you and your staff!
However you choose to get involved, make sure you incorporate a “doing well by doing good” attitude into your practice. Do you have a success story for how community involvement has helped your practice thrive? Share your story with us today!