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Exciting Things to Come from the CQ Audiology Advisory Council

Advisory Council
CQ Partners 20-person Council is comprised of Audiologists from all across the country in a variety of clinical settings; all with a common goal of bridging clinical and business best practices to better serve patients with hearing loss.

Purpose of The Council

The Council brings together experts in the field of audiology and provides our peers with collateral that focuses on business and clinical strategies. With a collaborative force of 20 people all deployed in a variety of settings, the Council has a pulse on what’s happening in the audiological industry. With providers in universities, hospitals, private practices, and start-ups, we bring forth a variety of unique perspectives, providing a well-rounded approach for providers in any setting.

“Together, we aim to be a unique forum that looks at best practices from both the business and audiological lenses. In an industry filled with noise from multiple disruptors, we provide tangible support not only for your business, but from a clinical approach.” ~ Dr. Heather Carter Olander

Topics We’ve Covered

Since the Council’s inception, we have covered a range of topics, including:

  • Differentiating Your Practice through Best Practices
  • Effective Inclusion of Audiology Externs in Your Clinic
  • Over the Counter Hearing Aids
  • Attracting and Compensating Qualified Audiology Candidates for Employment
  • Addressing the Unique Needs of Culturally Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patients
  • Cochlear Implants as Clinical Service and Referral Source

Exciting Topics to Come

We are constantly constructing topics that will help build a more efficient and sustainable practice. Here are some upcoming topics to be on the lookout for:

  • The Future of Audiology
  • Combatting Burnout

Keep your eyes open for future contributions here from our council members!

About the Author

Dr. Heather Carter

Dr. Heather Carter has been an Account Manager for CQ Partners for almost a decade and has recently been appointed the Director of Audiology for the company. After receiving both her master’s and doctoral degrees in audiology from Gallaudet University, she later became the Assistant Director of Audiology in a well-established ENT practice and a customer of CQ Partners. With over 20 years of experience as a clinical audiologist, Heather brings a unique perspective to successfully support all her customers. In addition, she coordinates an Advisory Council of clinical thought-leaders to share insights, ideas, and meaningful collateral with the industry. www.linkedin.com/in/drheathercarter