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Marketing Trends You Need to Know.

We all know that marketing can be expensive! At CQ Partners we want to make sure that our Associates are getting the most value from their marketing investment. To do that we routinely analyze our customers’ marketing program results. Then, we assess the performance of the individual practice’s efforts against their marketing plan and provide …

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Digital Marketing is more than just cool tools

In today’s business environment we’re fortunate to have access to a variety of marketing tools that let us communicate easier with our customers and prospects, observe competitors, and scrutinize the market. Many small business owners are competing more effectively using digital media (and extending the value of their traditional marketing efforts). These newer digital tools …

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A Decade of Marketing: a journey through change and transformation

When I began my career in marketing over a decade ago, my world was very different. Reflecting upon this time with what I now know, I admit that there was a lot of guesswork, trial and error was often a “strategy,” and the concept of tracking was a “nice to have.” It wasn’t just because …

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Automate Your Marketing

What if there was something you could do to make marketing for your business easier? Marketing planning and implementation doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. There are ways to make it easy, through planning, organization, reporting and partnerships with marketing professionals. Just as there are different professionals who work on homes – contractors, electricians, …

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Content: Web Marketing’s Holy Grail?

An effective website should be the primary tool in your overall digital marketing plan. It must be a brand-consistent portal that attracts patients, differentiates your practice, and enhances your reputation. As such, the primary method of conveying these objectives to prospective (and current) customers is via content. But, make no mistake; this should not be …

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Low Hanging Fruit

Nearly anything you do in life is subject to the principle that you’ll get 80% of your results from 20% of your input. Often referred to as “low-hanging fruit.” Said differently…here are five important marketing problems that can be fixed quickly and make everyone look like geniuses. When you begin using the web to market …

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